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Just went there today and it’s great it old fashioned but they don’t make them like they used to for a 100 + year old park it’s the best like going back in time awesome

It definitely is a lovely walk back in time! Thanks for reading, Edward!

i sat on the bench and played piano and sang songs with none other than Ray Charles i dont know if it was his last visit to the park it wasnt mine. i have nothing but fine memories of lakeside. even though i was there for the doom of the racetrack. It seems the park has a way of surviving because of the love the family that has owned it has given for all to enjoy.

I love Lakeside Amusement Park and hope it will always be here in Denver. I used to get so excited driving up Sheridan with my mom and dad and seeing all the lights on the entrance tower (such a beautiful tower it is!)!! The park was beautiful and still is. It just needs a little sprucing up. What great memories I had there and my mother told me of her fond memories when she was younger. PLEASE, NEVER CLOSE THIS HISTORICAL PLACE!

The pool was burned down to prevent black people from riding the trolley in. This I know because my grandmother remembers the whole thing. It cracks me up that it is now the Cinco De Mayo hot spot and the lack of white people to this day says something about how the racists shot themselves in the foot...yes they did.

Thanks for reading and commenting! I'd like to research the pool fire further. Does your grandmother happen to remember around what year this occurred? Thank you!

the restoration is underway all power lines all now underground ,new spider, new coaster parking lot is done auto scooter the whip the carrousel all getting refurbished 1 steam train done one getting refurbished

All styles of dance were available in Brisbane and the variety of arenas available made it possible for dancers to choose the venue they could best afford to attend Best wishes from ""

Work there back in 1971 at tha fun house. Went mening time's to race track. And amusement park mening time's.

Is the park still in operation, is it still fun to go to from a historical perspective? Thank you for all the interesting history.


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