The History of Lakeside Amusement Park in Photos


I went many times to lakeside .My Father drove one of the two boats that went out on the lake in a circle.
Both boats were chriscraft, finest boat ever made.
The laighing lady at the fun house and the tumbler just behind.
My oh my, and the rock-o- plane which I rode with my older sister until she got sick. I couldnt get enough of it.
So many memories.

Sounds like wonderful summertime memories! Thanks for sharing, Loren!

I took my Grandkids to Lakeside last weekend and was saddened by how run down it was! Most of the lights and rides were not working. A lot of the bathrooms were out of commission. It's a favorite of ours! I wish the historical society could get involved and help preserve.

I worked there as an employee back in the. 1980's. And Everything was working good then...also remember the fun house and all the fun times I enjoyed working with the owners then. A long time ago...

Thanks for reading and sharing, George!

As a current employee of the park is like to add this, yes there is a state of disrepair, however I must say the maintenance department of this park is second to no one. The safety requirements at exceeded, some rides yes at not manned, it is not because of safety issues its a matter of finding dedicated people to work them. This park is a place where time has literally stood still, I he remains of rides now gone are a reminder of what was. There is a history here very few places anywhere can match. Im proud to work here and very proud of the park.

Fun house a total blast my brother and I could ride the pancake and never slide off. The slides were awesome.
The pool, slide and platform dives most fun as well.
Did not swim in Rhoda Lake, but did swim in Berkeley Lake until polio epidemic -- 80 now and love the memories

I just came across an original 1912 postcard of the amusement park back then. I found it on the ground.. Would you like me to send it to you?

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