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Great Blog Katie, I've been trying to look at older pandemics to get some perspective.

Thanks, Morgan! History definitely helps with perspective.

Love your blogs, Katie!

Thanks, Suzanne! That is so nice to hear!

I remember the Swine Flu vaccinations in 1976. I was a healthy teenager when I got the vaccine and I came down with the chills for two days. A lot of people I talked to said they got sick from the vaccine also.

You wrote this about two weeks ago when the Corona virus situation hadn't yet evolved, rapidly, into what it is today. The scenario you describe of the Spanish Flu in Denver sounds a lot like what's going on today.

Thanks for sharing your memories of the 1975 Swine Flu vaccine, Jude. Sounds like it was a rough vaccination. And yes, lots of parallels to Spanish Flu right now. Stay well!

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