Denver's Influenza Pandemic of 1918


Good article Katie. Thank you.

Thanks very much for this. I'm very interested.

That's great to hear, Ann! Thanks for reading!

Great article - Thank you - I lost an aunt to this in Denver 1918

Interesting. My great grandmother died from this.

this is just like the what is happening with the coronavirus but a different virus

There are a lot of parallels for sure, Amiah. Thanks for reading!

Thank you Katie, interesting article. Colorado has one of the few memorials to the 1918 flu in the country (I just read in the NY times); does anyone here know where it is?

Hi Thomas,

I read that article in the NY Times as well, in which Brian Zecchinelli mentions a Spanish flu plaque in Colorado. I have yet to find where this plaque is. I will update this thread if I find the answer. Thanks for reading, Thomas!

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