Celebrity Sports Center: Bowling, video games, and your very first water slide



Man soooooooooo many fun birthdays, running up the ramps which seemed to go forever till you got to the water slides. Over and over we would run those rang ramps haha never ending fun. The best part was the pool was open year round so even if it was a blizzard outside you could be rocking those 2 water slides. Was such a bummer when they took it down. I was 12 I think when that happened, I remember there was a problem with gangs just like FunPlex in Littleton you couldn’t have anything Red, Blue, Gold, no raiders nothing. It was a mess and too bad they couldn’t keep it going a bit longer with how nice that part of town is now. Haha but now it’s a Home Depot haha which I’m willing to bet I have spent more time in that Home Depot than I did in those pools :( growing up isn’t fun haha. Man I bet that plot of land would have sold today for an ungodly amount of money. 10’s of millions of dollars I’m sure.

O and was I remember that amazingly gross 3’x3’x3” foot bath thing you had to walk throw, I remember being like 8 jumping over it and undoubtedly once a summer you would fall and slam your butt into the hard tile floor haha ooooo good times haha


I have many fond memories of going to Celebrity. I don't think I ever bowled there, or used the arcade, but I spent many occasions riding the water slides all day long. I remember walking up the ramps, and the outside doors would be open, because it was too hot or humid for the employee operating the slide I'm guessing, and it always sucked when you got to the point in the line where you were wet and got the cold breeze from the open door. I remember the smaller slide (Dolphin, I think) the line was inside, and there were windows where you could watch the people using the pool tables in the other room as you stood in line. It was the only salt water pool that I can remember way back then. Now it seems like most public pools are salt water.


We would come all the way from RockyFord, every weekend my foster sìster. It was amazing, i truly believe the Mayor was on a money making scheme. There were never any fights or trouble inside of celebrity, Glendale is still on top for crimes statewide it was just voted #1, so that goes to show you 1 man ruined this amazing place for many generations to come...

Hi Tee, thanks for reading.

Driving from Rocky Ford to Celebrity is quite a trip. I imagine the distance made the visit seem all the more exciting (and Celebrity was worth the effort)!


OMG, I miss Celebrity! My parents took us there on weekends. My parents, uncles, aunts, bowl while us kids went wild playing games. This was a family place something we lack today.


What great memories! I grew up in Berthoud, the early 70's. Every year during the Stockshow, if we had a note from our folks, we could get out for the day. We would all pile into someone's car, ditch the Stockshow, and spend all day at Celebrity. We would get in as much as we could. Never a dull moment while there. Did that all thru high school. Our folks would wonder why we had wet towels and swim trunks when we got home, especially being in the winter?? Like the couldn't figure that out.

Hi Dave, thanks for reading! Choosing between Celebrity and the Stock Show would be a tough choice for me, but I suppose not so much for kids in the 70s. Sounds like you were an ingenious bunch!


Celebrity Sports Center was the funnest place I went to when I was a kid, too bad no one haven't found a way to open something similar!! I have some good ideas but not enough funds!!! Guaranteed it would be a "HIT"$$$

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