Celebrity Sports Center: Bowling, video games, and your very first water slide



I got caught "popping credits" in the Spy Hunter machine there on two different occasions. Good times...


I spent so much time at Celebrity while growing up in Denver, mostly in the pool. There was a bleach foot bath you had to walk through to get from the locker rooms to the pool...pretty gross. The showers were freezing. You'd get tickets for playing a lot of the games and turn them in for crappy prizes. IT WAS AMAZING.

Hi Dana. I don't remember the foot bath, but that does sounds unpleasant. The prizes were pretty lousy, but it was so much fun to "shop" and take something plastic home! Despite being pretty kitschy (or perhaps because of it), it was indeed amazing!

I remember the foot baths! You had to walk through a 3" puddle of disinfectant is a 3' x 3' walk through between the lockers and pool. It was cold and gross and everyone tried to either jump over it or only put down one foot. I also remembered they had signs in the locker room urging swimmers to shower before entering the pool. Very stupid request to a kid, but as an adult, mandatory! I spent many a happy Saturdays at Celebrity Center in the mid seventies.


I used to go to Celebrity to bowl in the late '60s. They had a deal in the summertime, on weekdays (or maybe it was just one designated day per week, I forget) you'd pay one price and you could bowl all you wanted all day long. Mom would drop us off in the morning and come pick us up in the afternoon.

A friend reminded me that KIMN radio used to do live broadcasts from the pool area.

Hi Jude. Sounds like a fun childhood, a whole day to hang out "just us kids" at Celebrity! And yes, some of the sources I reviewed mentioned live radio broadcasts. Thanks for sharing!

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