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What a great article with great memories. I remember my favorite disc jockey, Don West, broadcasting live from behind the main desk at Celebrity.

Does anyone remember the slot cars at the Center? So fun!

Laura - thank you so much for this article! Anyone who grew up in Denver back in the day has fond memories of this place. Does anyone remember a game they had that I think was called PoGo? It was a combination of pool and miniature golf.

Hi Mary, thanks for your comment!

I don't remember PoGo, and am not having much luck finding references to it in the research sources I can access from home (our digital collection, America's Newspapers database...for future readers, we're researching from home during Covid-19). We'll have to check when we can get back into the library. If other readers remember the game, please share!

I was just talking with my children about the memories I grew up with at Celebrity.
I remember when they installed the water slides, we went all day and for lunch the King Soopers across the street had a special on hot dogs 10 cents each, we bought 50 for 5 dollars. The lady helping us threw a fit and said that it wasn't meant for us to take advantage of.

We waddled back, we were so stuffed.

Hi Henry. Thank you for sharing this story. 50 hotdogs! Hopefully you waited the full suggested hour after eating before jumping back into the water!

Loved bowling there! They were one of the 1st places to get the Donkey Kong Video game. Went up there to play that game so many times. I often wonder why other investors don't startup another Place Like that!

Hi Jerry, thanks for reading! Yes, several of the articles I located specifically referenced how special their video arcade was early on. There are a number of play places around town that have elements of what Celebrity had, but I think it's hard to recreate exactly!

KIMN held splash parties once a week with live broadcasts in the 1960s, and I arrended one of them. I distinctly remember them playing the Beatles' "If I Fell," as the Beatles were becoming hugely popular. Also, when the movie " Summer Magic" came out, Disney had a promotional event at Celebrity Lanes, and many cast members appeared and spoke to a large gathered crowd: Hayley Mills and her parents, Annette Funicello (although she was not in the film), Deborah Walley, Eddie Hodges, among others. Memorable evening!

Hi Cindy, thanks for sharing your reminiscences! Researching this post, I found reference to the KIMN splash parties, and to some of the same famous guest visitors (if I recall correctly, Annette Funicello in particular). Glad the blog brought up good memories!


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