Celebrity Sports Center: Bowling, video games, and your very first water slide



I learned to swim at Celebrity Sports Center and bowled there as a teen, but never thought to ask about the origin of its name. I had no idea of the connection to Walt Disney! Thanks for this well-researched piece and the opportunity to revisit some great memories.

Before construction, there was a large sign in front of the construction site that had numerous stars with the names of the celebrity investors. Even the sign was exciting!


Celebrity was as exciting as it could get and great destination point. There was so much to do, it was hard to get bored there even if you stayed the entire day. If my memory serves me correctly, all or part of the underground garage was converted to a games area. I remember Colorado Boulevard as a two-lane road to what was referred to as “Cow Town” as evidenced by the small gas station on the corner of Sourh Colorado Blvd. and Alameda. Cambridge Dairy was located in the area of the magnificent Cooper Theater. The cows actually grazed on the property. When the Cooper opened, it was so beautiful that the theater did not sell concessions. They sold orange drinks (I believe in plastic oranges with straws) that had to be consumed on the side sections or outside of the reserved seat auditorium.


What a great article with great memories. I remember my favorite disc jockey, Don West, broadcasting live from behind the main desk at Celebrity.


Laura - thank you so much for this article! Anyone who grew up in Denver back in the day has fond memories of this place. Does anyone remember a game they had that I think was called PoGo? It was a combination of pool and miniature golf.

Hi Mary, thanks for your comment!

I don't remember PoGo, and am not having much luck finding references to it in the research sources I can access from home (our digital collection, America's Newspapers database...for future readers, we're researching from home during Covid-19). We'll have to check when we can get back into the library. If other readers remember the game, please share!

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