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I miss Celebrity so much! I used to go there a lot in the early 80's.

Hi Polly. It was certainly a fun place, and sparks a lot of nostalgia. Thanks for your comment.

I spent many days as child and young adult in the pool at Celebrity i also remember the slot car racing tracks in the basement and the skit ball games matter fact I still have my tickets and I'm still waiting to get enough tickets to win the black and white portable tv for bedroom. :-)

Also met my wife at Celebrity and each time I drive by home-depot I remember all the fun I had as a kid like others I mourn the lost.

Hi Ken. Thank you for reading!

I think I have some of those tickets stashed away somewhere as well. If we get a group and pool the tickets together...we will still probably fall short of that dream black and white TV!

One of the newspaper articles I encountered researching this post quoted a different couple who met at Celebrity Sports. Apparently it was a good place to meet your match! 

I learned to swim at Celebrity Sports Center and bowled there as a teen, but never thought to ask about the origin of its name. I had no idea of the connection to Walt Disney! Thanks for this well-researched piece and the opportunity to revisit some great memories.

Before construction, there was a large sign in front of the construction site that had numerous stars with the names of the celebrity investors. Even the sign was exciting!

Hi Ralph. Now I'm going to have to look for images of this sign! I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Kerry! You are welcome. Thanks for reading!

Celebrity was as exciting as it could get and great destination point. There was so much to do, it was hard to get bored there even if you stayed the entire day. If my memory serves me correctly, all or part of the underground garage was converted to a games area. I remember Colorado Boulevard as a two-lane road to what was referred to as “Cow Town” as evidenced by the small gas station on the corner of Sourh Colorado Blvd. and Alameda. Cambridge Dairy was located in the area of the magnificent Cooper Theater. The cows actually grazed on the property. When the Cooper opened, it was so beautiful that the theater did not sell concessions. They sold orange drinks (I believe in plastic oranges with straws) that had to be consumed on the side sections or outside of the reserved seat auditorium.

Thanks for this further walk down memory lane! I love the images of cows and oranges at the Cooper. I remember the gas station well: Bob's Place! You'll find a great photo of it here. Researching in the America's Newspapers database (available from home with your library card), it appears that Bob's was also razed in 1994.


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