Celebrating Denver's Lost Restaurants

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Great Blog Brian! Hoping to see the Apple Tree Shanty and the Purple Onion from the hood I lived in in the 70's and 80's.


Great blog post Brian! The authors also mentioned Patsy's Italian restaurant in an interview so we checked that out a couple weekends ago. Sounds like a great book!


Enjoyed some favorite times at Apple Tree Shanty. Loved those little apple muffins!
Don't forget Andy"s Smorgasboard, on South Colorado Blvd. Use to wash dishes and shuck oysters there when I was 17.

what about the Library restaurant on Colorado blvd? And Holly Inn (on Evans and Holly) for great Tacorito? And the Turn of the Safeway on Hampden? Saw a fantastic Ray Charles show there in the 80's.
Denver had it's first Marie Calendars outside of Cali on Hampden and Yosemite right next to Toby Jug!?

You can still get the Tacorito (the Original) at the Tacorito at Evans and Monaco.

Unfortunately the price you paid in the early '60's ($.75 for lunch, including Iced Tea) has gone up somewhat.

I am pretty sure I worked at the Library (near Yale) in the 1960's. Unfortunately in about my 2nd hour on the job I dropped a large tray of dishes in the dining area, creating a lot of noise, distraction, and broken dishes. I was quickly fired. That was the end of my Restaurant Career,

That's so funny that you mentioned that because I remember being at Tacorito on Monaco & Evans in the late 60s and somebody dropped a huge tray of mixed drinks. I'll never forget that night because I got the giggles for the rest of the evening after that happened.

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