Denver's Gopher City



Thank you for this post—I'd never heard of Gopher City before!

Not to detract from the informative history presented here, but I must mention: It's rather odd to view digital images "from the WHG Undigitized Photo files"...

Perhaps a more enduring designation is in order?

Thanks for reading, David! You've made an astute observation about "WHG Undigitized Photos!"

Note that the images in this blog post, although scanned, have not yet been cataloged/do not appear in the DPL Digital Collections. You may want to check out our Undigitized Photo Index, an alphabetical list of folder titles in the Denver Public Library's Western History Photograph collection arranged by subject: People, States, Towns and Countries, General Subjects, Railroad Companies, and Denver. The images in these folders have not yet been digitized and cataloged and can be viewed by visiting the Western History and Genealogy Department (Central Library, 5th Floor).


What a fascinating story. How resourceful those guys were! It's a shame they can't be traced!

Thanks for reading, Suzanne! Perhaps further research conducted using WHG's genealogy resources could reveal more about these fellows. I found Ben Lawton, for example, in the 1930 U.S. Census on Ancestry Library Edition (available on all DPL computers). He was a staying as a lodger at 1322 16th Street in Denver. His occupation was listed as "laborer" in the industry of "odd jobs."

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