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Very interesting. Nice to know more about U.S. history and those less famous in the times of it all.

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I did not know this piece of history. Thanks so much for this - more please!

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Great post! He was such a fascinating American. I strongly recommend the historical fiction book "I Should Be Extremely Happy In Your Company," which explores the Lewis & Clark Expedition from the alternating points of views of Lewis, Clark, Sacagewea, and York. All of whom seem like incredible people, very different from each other, trying to accomplish something that had never been done before. Thanks again for bringing us this great reporting on York.

Hi Joel,

Thank you so much for reading the blog and I will definitely read that book.  

Thank you for the information on York. Readers should know that African American men had a reputation of being able to get along with Native Americans. African American men often accompanied French and British fur traders and trappers in the West long before Lewis and Clark went on their expedition.

And shamefully, the Buffalo Soldiers murdered Native Americans for whites.

Thank you so much for this post. This is the most I have heard of York. It just shows how much history is not being taught. It is so important for black youth to know the power of their ancestors and their contributions to history.

Forever, I will associate Yorks memory with York St., here in Denver regardless of my research the origin of York St.


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