What happened to Denver's Chinatown, and its residents?

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Very interesting article — and very sad to see such racism continuing in some places.

Thanks for posting, Mike. There is a real element of "sameness" to the historical record that is very sad indeed. 

Agree with your statement. I think to some extent , just being different to what one is accustomed to, being skin color, physical appearance, language, practice of religion, and envy of another’s success will bring about a challenge to one’s self value. Hate has been around since Cain killed his Brother. Not an easy problem to solve but must keep trying for the sake of everyone’s future !

A Chinese man known as John Touk was employed by Louis Dupuy as a gardener at Hotel de Paris. Touk occupied Room 1 of the Annex building and in addition to gardening, likely ran the hotel's laundry. He is listed in the 1885 Colorado census, and may have fled Denver to Georgetown, which had a small Chinese population (some of whom constructed parts of Hotel de Paris).

Hi Kevin - Thanks for posting! Zhu found that many Chinese-run laundries didn't appear in the directories at the time, but was able to suss them out from other sources. But it's a near certainty that a Chinese man was running the laundry almost everywhere it was offered as a service. 

Excellent blog Brian! It's well past time to shed light on the darker parts of Denver's history.

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Thanks, Shelby! Zhu's work really fills out this story in a way that hadn't really been done before. It's definitely worth a read. 

I appreciate your coverage of this event. I had just recently heard about it but didn't know the details or the events that happened after.

Thanks, Tiff! The riot itself burned out pretty quickly, but the aftermath had to have been around for a very long time. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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