What happened to Denver's Chinatown, and its residents?

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Agree with your statement. I think to some extent , just being different to what one is accustomed to, being skin color, physical appearance, language, practice of religion, and envy of another’s success will bring about a challenge to one’s self value. Hate has been around since Cain killed his Brother. Not an easy problem to solve but must keep trying for the sake of everyone’s future !


A Chinese man known as John Touk was employed by Louis Dupuy as a gardener at Hotel de Paris. Touk occupied Room 1 of the Annex building and in addition to gardening, likely ran the hotel's laundry. He is listed in the 1885 Colorado census, and may have fled Denver to Georgetown, which had a small Chinese population (some of whom constructed parts of Hotel de Paris).

Hi Kevin - Thanks for posting! Zhu found that many Chinese-run laundries didn't appear in the directories at the time, but was able to suss them out from other sources. But it's a near certainty that a Chinese man was running the laundry almost everywhere it was offered as a service. 


Excellent blog Brian! It's well past time to shed light on the darker parts of Denver's history.


I appreciate your coverage of this event. I had just recently heard about it but didn't know the details or the events that happened after.

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