What happened to Denver's Chinatown, and its residents?

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That's a shame what happened to those Chinese. Someone today knows who killed that man. Those devils talked and bragged about to their families. I bet those grand and great grands are all screwed up today! Just like black Americans, indigenous Americans, the Asians suffered too and needs a formal apology! Release the shame of what your ancestors did! Let's not bury this, we need to move forward as a nation.

Hello... Interesting article about Chinese people here in Denver. So sad about what had happened. Racism is still here. Thank you.

Hi Rachelle - Thanks for reading. Unfortunately, when it comes to history, we  tend to use the phrase "The more things change, the more they stay the same," a lot around here. Let's hope for better things in the future. 

Racism is still everywhere, but in the end, all are erased !

Well written and very interesting article. Sadly I am not surprised by those events, as the Native Americans also were vilified and killed by white settlers in the area, with very few consequences.

It's a nice article that's looks at some local history.
It's a complex topic for sure. I wonder what was the actual causes of this behavior. Racism is easily lobbed at people but it's the same thing as if any culture moves in and brings things like cheaper labor, prostitution, etc into your area. I don't have answers myself. We humans have often created cultural pockets that don't like change. My local area did the same thing to Eastern Indians that were in the area. Mormon areas come to mind. It's an ugly part of our human brains. Glad that it's here to read. I came seeing hell on wheels looking for the gang that subjugated their own Chinese workers.

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