Uncovering North Denver's Outdoor Bread Ovens


It would be great if we could find a plan for how to build a replica of a North Denver bread oven.

I concur, Clara! I haven't tracked one down...yet.

Take a look at Carbondale Community Oven Facebook page, or website: carbondalecommnityoven.weebly.com

My grandfather, and two daughters who survived him in the same house on Pecos had a brick oven in the back yard until it was demolished to make room for a garage in the 1970s. I never witnessed any bread baking, but heard about it from my mother and aunts. I'll have to look through our old photos.

Wonderful, John! Hoping you can find a photograph! Thanks for reading and commenting.

Well the focus has been on Italian roots of backyard oven this also has a place in Hispano communities. One still sees hornos in the San Luis Valley particularly in the area south east of San Luis. I have seen historic postcards showing a typical beehive shaped hornos. You would think that migrants from the Valley would have this a family r

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.. Would have brought the ovens and traditional family recipes north to Denver.

Thanks for bringing up the hornos of the San Luis Valley, Tom! This is a topic I hope to cover in a future post of its own. 

Around 1950, my father built a fireplace with two levels. And a cook top above. Every Sunday afternoon during the summers of my childhood, my mother cooked our Sunday dinner there. Potatoes, fried chicken and beans or peas. She did use it also to let her homemade bread rise when the cook top was still warm. We ate those dinners in our grape arbor which always gave us bushels of concord grapes every year. We lived at 3416 Meade St.

What a delicious feast, Darlene! Thank you so much for sharing your good memories with us.

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