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Amazing! There are, no doubt, hundreds of other creepy and interesting stories of Denver past. Gimme More!!

Thank you so much, Zenna! More coming soon - I'm glad this story has been such a hit!

This is a terrific story! Keep them coming!

Thanks, Julia! I've been researching a couple of stories, so more coming soon!

I remember my mother telling me this story and it scared me to death. I always was afraid that a man was hiding in our attic or basement. I also recall the horrific Duckworth murders. A teenager went over to his neighbor's to borrow some tools in order to fix his bdicycle. The mother knew the young man well, so she took him to the basement to get the tools. For no reason whatsoever, he killed the the 26-year-old wife and mother with a hammer and screwdriver. When her 5-year-old son went down to the basement to help his mother, he also was killed. The newspaper headlines were almost as frightening as the crime itself, referring to "bloody footprints" found at the scene. The 16-year-old neighbor confessed to the murders under routine questioning. I also remember the Denver Police Scandals of 1961, the kidnapping and murder of Adoph Coors III, the rise and fall of Magic Mountain in Golden, East Tin Cup, President Eisenhower using Lowry Airfare Base whenever he came to Denver (his wife was from here), and many other stories and events in our City's colorful history.

I apologize for the typos, "bicycle" and Lowry "Airforce" Base.

Thanks, Ralph, I'll have to look those stories up. I'm always interested in hearing more about the less-common murder stories around Denver and Colorado, especially those with an unusual aspect to it beyond just someone killed someone.

The Denver Guitar Club? Pray tell us more!

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