Obituary For A Denver House


That happened to my parents house. Though the house was built in 1942 in University Park, I kept the original architects drawings. It still makes me very sad.

Sorry to hear the house is gone, but what a treasure to have the drawings! Thanks for commenting, Sue.

I am not a fan of demolition, especially of late when so many of our earlier houses are the victims. However, I am a HUGE fan of this obituary - I have never seen one for a house before. When I drive around looking at neighborhoods (one of my hobbies) I often ponder about houses and who built them and who lived in them. Thank you for the research and lovely words.

Thank you for the kind words, Madonna. We share the same hobby!

Thank you for this great piece on a house that could have stood many more years and provided affordable housing for a family. The information and illustrations are educational in terms of the sources and challenges involved in doing historic house research research. The sad story is representative of the outcomes for so many once treasured homes in recent years.

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True, this house's story is very representative of the typical challenges one comes across in historic building research. Thank you for reading and commenting, Laurie!

That whole area between Federal and Lowell, 23rd to Colfax, has lost most of its historical structures, and most of its character. What's especially sad about this one is that it looks like it had many years left--it was in good shape.

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The area certainly has been transformed in recent years. Thanks for reading and commenting, Mark.

Most of my television watching is done on streaming and I remember a program that I enjoyed (don't remember name or other details) which was set in Great Britain and featured stories of homes. They included things such as when built, who built, who resided there, etc. It would be fantastic if this type of detail would be kept on homes in the United States!

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