Making sense of Denver Streets with Phil Goodstein's "Denver Streets"



Hello! Is there any information on where the name for W Walsh Pl came from? The streets around it don't seem to have a name pattern to speak of.

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I find this topic to be incredibly fascinating. From what I can gather, this book isn't allowed to be borrowed from the library (and the library is currently temporarily closed due to Covid-19). Do you know of any sources where I might be able to purchase a copy?

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Hi Nessie - We agree that this is a wonderfully fascinating subject and Phil's research on it is top notch. Unfortunately, the book appears to be out-of-print and copies are hard to come by, but do pop up on used book sites (usually with a very large mark up. Sorry we don't have better news. 


There are a few copies at Amazon ---priced from $92-$900 plus . . . one for $114, postage paid. I treasure my copy, signed by Phil on his "Pacing the Streets" walking tour July 14, 1998. Today I'm trying to figure out the current address for 1852 Curtis street, where George William Lechner lived in 1890. I think it is time to look at the "fire" maps. . . and keep hoping for the day the library will be open for research on the 5th floor!

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