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Thanks. As I recall the Italians as their attorney had Charles S. Thomas (later a Colorado governor and a U.S. Senator). By having them plead guilty to a judge without a jury trail, Thomas kept them from being executed because the law said only juries could sentence people to death. It was a brilliant legal move on Thomas' part.

Thanks for the info. I had not gone down the Thomas rabbit hole yet, but he certainly had an effective strategy.

Never forget the one child that got away and wasn't slain.

Do you have a source for that? Nothing I read mentioned it, but I would love to find out more about that child.


Email me at (deleted) and I will give you some information.

Giuseppe Pecorra's youngest son Frank got away. I wonder why this detail is never mentioned. They also changed the spelling of their name to Pecora.

Unfortunately, none of the articles I found mentioned a child that got away. I wonder if that was apocryphal. As for the spelling, you would be surprised how many different spelling various newspapers came up with for Italian names. 

I exist because that little boy got away. My son, Jakeb Hone exists because I exist because that little boy got away. There are many of us...

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