Jazz in Five Points: A Brief History: Part One



It may be brief, but it’s full of details. It inspires me to take a stroll down Welton and imagine the way the neighborhood was during that era.
I wonder who’s playing at Nocturne this weekend. I look forward to part two!


Nice article, it mentions venues I hadn't heard of before. The Rossonian gets a lot of mention elsewhere, almost to the point that you'd think it was the only music venue in Five Points. I knew about the Voter's Club, it was still open in the '70s, and the Casino Ballroom a/k/a Casino Cabaret--I believe it was run by music promoter Lou Vason during the '70s and maybe later. But I'd never heard of Rice's or Sonny's. Sonny's looks to have had nothing but major league talent in its lineup. It would definitely have been the place to be.


Five Points history is amazing, To read about the life of Denver during racial segregation,shows the strength and amazing character of Black Colorado residents who thrived and survived. This story is inspirational to say the least

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