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I can most assuredly attest to the fact that the Alligator Gardens & Snake Stockade did indeed exist out on East Colfax in Aurora. I met a woman who even showed me where the old gator ponds were! I also have an old article from the Aurora Advocate dated August 8, 1963, announcing Walter F. Cobb had opened Alligator Gardens.

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Jonny, this is very exciting news! Would you be able to forward me a copy of the article with the top of the page showing the date as well? Thanks!

As a child Mom and Dad took us to Alligator Gardens in Aurora. I thought it was on Alameda near Lowry but I’m not sure. I was all of 10 years old... around 1964.

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Thanks so much for your comment. It has been difficult finding people who remember this place.

I also remember having a family outing to Alligator Gardens east of Denver and I know it was in the mid 60s. My father both a new 1964 Bel-Air station wagon and was upset because upon exiting the property we discovered that our car (along with all the other cars) had a bright Yellow bumper sticker on it advertising Alligator Gardens with Black letters. I remember there being "a lot" of alligators there. In June of 1965 the South Platte river flooded and my father had told me that it flooded out the Alligator Gardens. I have no way of knowing whether he knew that as fact or was passing on information from others. I know we never heard about Alligator Gardens after the flood.

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Thanks for sharing, Doug! This is definitely one of many strange parts of Denver history.

I work in an assisted living facility a few blocks from this area and have a few residents who remember this place! Please reach out to me for more details!

My email address is

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