1950s street scenes in Denver



My mother worked at the Gates Rubber Company starting around 1958. I remember going with her on the weekend when she had to work overtime ... staying quiet. I remember her going to the Credit Union to take care of her banking. I remember the Christmas parties for the employees children. I remember the Clinic where I went when I was sick. THANK YOU for posting this.


I went to Alcott Elementary in 1954. The school is on the opposite corner of 41st. Elitches is at 38th, three blocks south!


We lived near Alameda and So Downing St. In the summer we could smell the manufacturing at the Gates Rubber Co. The cars in the front row look much like my first car, a 1950 Plymouth sedan I purchased used in February 1952 from Schoen (sp?) Motors on East 18th (?) Avenue.

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