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Yes! First started going to Paris when I was 14 and did theater with the older kids who could drive there. I also loved, and still do, the Market. I took swing lessons at the Merc. Fond memories of all of those places.

I feel very fortunate I had so many memorable experiences at all three of these Denver gems. The Merc for the Crash Worship show in ‘94 where the DFD came as uninvited guests and later in 2017 for my brother’s wedding reception. After several trips downtown from the burbs as a teen to hear music, socialize and, of course, smoke like a chimney, Paris became my local coffeehouse in the early ‘90s. My future husband reintroduced me in my twenties and shortly after moved me into his studio apartment just over on 16th & Boulder. Your right, Laura, I can still taste those Mexicanos. We continued to go there right up until the end. I didn’t make it to the original Muddy Waters, but I did to Muddy’s Java Café. Before said husband started taking me there after blood-pumping nights at 23 Parish and Rock Island, as a teen I saw the two-man show “Zoo” in the basement theatre and had my very first coffeehouse experience.

Jim Jarmusch’s (love him) LA coffee-goers in “Coffee and Cigarettes” have nothing on us Denverites.

Always have loved being a Gen Xer.

Hi Herm. Thanks for sharing your reminiscences! I loved the film "Coffee and Cigarettes" and definitely had it in mind here. Glad to share a generation with you!

Why be a dock jeez just don't read it if your so perturbed d_bag

Also St Mark's

City Spirit Cafe too - and the clubs, 24 Parrish (The Garage) & Rock Island

I loved the coffee houses as a teenager in the 90s! Paris, Muddy's, the Merc, The Market and also St. Mark's. Seems like there was a pool house/bar at 15th and Market (ish) that allowed underage kids to hang out... Charlie's maybe? Not Charlie Brown's or the the dance club on Colfax. Loved City Spirit Cafe. And of course, Rock Island!! So many more...


Yes, Calvin's! Thanks!

You only left out Mary & Lou’s Cafe on 1st & Broadway. Depending on which end of town the night found you, it was the counter balance.
Jeff, who owned Parks on the Platte, also owned Left Bank Books in the old Muddy’s location at 15th & Platte.
We were a small, but tight knit community of both Boomers and Xers that haunted Denver’s late night cafes. It’s a part of the city sadly missing today.


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