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I remember YOU ! Muddy's was a great hang out. We loved to chill, drink our coffee, talk with friends, meet people and listen to great live music. It was a creative haven. When did it close?

Hi James. Interesting riddle! I couldn't remember exactly when Muddy's closed, so delved into business directories and the Denver Post. I found Muddy's listed in directories in 1998, but not in 1999. Knowing directories can take a little time to show updates, I turned to the Denver Post, where I was surprised not to find stories about the closure. I *did* find a listing for a City Treasurer's sale of Muddy's property, to recover back taxes due for 1996 and 1997. That sale listing was for July 1997. So I think we can assume 1997 was the closure year. 

Hi Blondy. As an adult at the time, I'm guessing you were out at different days and times than the high school crowd would've been. We were pretty thick on the ground, but (most) of us had to be home to our parents at a certain hour, too.

I'm not sure how angst ridden I was, but my friends and I went there too. I remember that before I visited for the first time, my dad had to explain to me what a coffee shop was. I didn't quite get it until I went there. It was a fun place to hang out, play cards and feel cool.

Oh, we were there alright.. More in Paris, but I'd go to Mercury frequently too as the food was better. And Muddy's occasionally.

I assure you, we were there (trying to look older than the high school students we were.)

The writing is one of the worst examples of look-how-ironic-I-am Gen X pretension I've ever seen, but the menus are neat. :)

Gee whiz, Daniel. Did you learn the definition of ironic from Alanis Morissette?

Daniel, it's nowhere near the level pretentiousness as this:

Ken, yeah, I have to admit that's pretty bad.


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