Denver Coffee House Menus: Paris on the Platte, Muddy’s and the Mercury Cafe


I lived in Boulder in the 80's and as a devoted bicyclist with no car my boyfriend and I would ride the bus in Sunday's to catch a foreign movie matinee (the theater name escapes me) and then have brunch at the Merc -- usually would have the Posole and veggie stir-fry--- always great to talk about the movie and make new friends in the cultural touchstone and soul-soothing atmosphere that is the Mercury Cafe

paris, muddy's and merc, all great places. I got 86'd out of muddies for some reason I don't remember. spent many a night swing dancing at merc, and endless hours at paris; it was chocolate, coffee and orange on top, I don't remember the name. I met Sharon Fisher at Muddy's, she was very much wife material, but who knows where people disappear off to in our lives. For all of us, there is a day - unbeknownst to us at the time - where we part, not realizing that we'll never see them again.

Does anyone remember the band Vivid Imagination from Littleton? I saw them at the Merc at least 20 times

Yeah, I knew Mike Buckley the lead singer guitar player of VI just a little bit. I was vaguely connected to him through the music scene and my bands at the time. They were a good band, he went on to do some experimental stuff in the late 90's and 2000's "Cock Rocket" and Night Shark. Night Shark was way good!

Just stumbled upon this walk down memory lane (thanks, Laura)! This ephemera really takes me back to the Denver I loved. I take my Doc Marten and flannel-wearing teen to the gentrified city now for the occasional visit. She just looks at me skeptically when I tell stories of Rock Island, Muddy's, Paris, the Market, and all those amazing gritty hangouts that we now miss.

Hey Amelia! It's hard to imagine what was, under the veneer of what's here now. I always wonder which other U.S. cities today would compare to Denver of the 90s. And, ah, Rock Island! Memories.

Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely trip down memory lane. Loved reading the comments and really enjoyed your writing. City Spirt, Wazee Supper Club , Rock Island POTP, Muddy, My son is so jealous. He loves the 80s. Ah, so many memories. Thanks Denver.

Thanks for reading, Jilly. You're welcome! 1980s Denver was definitely an interesting place!

There was a period somewhere in 95 where you could do a coffee house tour starting from east Denver: "Coffee Grounds" and the "Black Pearl" on to "Muddy's" and The "Mercury Cafe", "Slims Joint", "the Market", "St. Marks", "City Spirit", (Someplace in Lodo I vaguely remember called "Jitters" or the "Jitterbug", only open for one year) Then end the tour at Paris on the Platte which was the queen of all coffee shops. Can't believe that place used to stay open till 4! There are probably some other great Coffee Shops that where around then that i'm forgetting.

Chris, thanks for all of your comments! I now want a time machine to do your coffee house tour (there were a few on your list that I didn't remember)...although can only imagine how jittery and caffeinated one would be by the end of that!

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