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So what you're saying is that I can no longer bake a sheet cake and correctly say it's the shape of Colorado? Maybe I should take little bites out of the edges, to more accurately represent the topographical lines? I could get on board with this!

Thanks for that great suggestion! In many cases the line extends well into New Mexico for long stretches. The end of one of those stretches can be seen in the map at the top of this post. So the best option is to make a bigger cake. Everyone wins!

Great info Craig!! I remember hearing something so I looked at Google maps really really close up and noticed a bit of zigging and zagging! I had no idea why or how it happened though. Thanks!

Thank you for your comment! Yep, Google and MapQuest both show it since the datasets they use are fairly standard in the geospatial world.

Thanks for your comment Jeff! I think it's safe to say that most people will always consider Colorado a square state -- at least regarding its borders.

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