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Beacon Hill outside of Pueblo has been there a long time I'm 67 and my Dad raced there for Gobatti Racing.

Thanks for sharing that one with us Deborah. I for one was  amazed at how many tracks have called Colorado home over the years. 

The Aspen in town road races back in the late 50's I believe

You for got Englewood Speedway.

There were so many good ones, I bet I forgot more than that!

You for got Englewood Speedway.

You forgot Englewood Speedway.

I have fond memories of watching my brother race his Mustang at Bandimere's High School Drags in the 1990s.

The High School Drags were a pretty great thing and so much safer than street racing!

I had great time at Bandimere the year Bernstein had retired. Got his autograph, and that of John force. Good times. I enjoy all of the CHCA races..Victor, Canon City.. and got props for those to put their money into it. PikeS Peak.. omg.. I love the Semis, the switchbacks, and sunblock!!


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