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I hope this come back soon so all the kids can have fun like I used to go there when I was in teenager it was so much fun and I forgot how much it was so much fun when I got older and I do remember this. I was talking to my deaf friend and we were talking about this place and how forgot we went there so much fun. we surely missed this place but I don't remember about how bad in the locker room or any place but we just be there to have fun. that's all I can remember. I know it's 1950's to 1970's maybe 1980's those are the way they built nothing that we can do. but just fun we had. this is memory for kids. and now we have better tech in future safe for future kids. that was old fashion way and now we have better way to have safe.

I remember jumping from a very high divinging board. But when I looked at the pictures here they don't look that high? Hmm?

Hi Roxann,

The photos of diving boards here were the originals from the 1960s, but I believe there were different ones in the later years. Or it may be that everything seems bigger when we're younger!

Thanks for reading!

Man soooooooooo many fun birthdays, running up the ramps which seemed to go forever till you got to the water slides. Over and over we would run those rang ramps haha never ending fun. The best part was the pool was open year round so even if it was a blizzard outside you could be rocking those 2 water slides. Was such a bummer when they took it down. I was 12 I think when that happened, I remember there was a problem with gangs just like FunPlex in Littleton you couldn’t have anything Red, Blue, Gold, no raiders nothing. It was a mess and too bad they couldn’t keep it going a bit longer with how nice that part of town is now. Haha but now it’s a Home Depot haha which I’m willing to bet I have spent more time in that Home Depot than I did in those pools :( growing up isn’t fun haha. Man I bet that plot of land would have sold today for an ungodly amount of money. 10’s of millions of dollars I’m sure.

O and was I remember that amazingly gross 3’x3’x3” foot bath thing you had to walk throw, I remember being like 8 jumping over it and undoubtedly once a summer you would fall and slam your butt into the hard tile floor haha ooooo good times haha


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