Celebrity Sports Center: Bowling, video games, and your very first water slide


I was just talking with my children about the memories I grew up with at Celebrity.
I remember when they installed the water slides, we went all day and for lunch the King Soopers across the street had a special on hot dogs 10 cents each, we bought 50 for 5 dollars. The lady helping us threw a fit and said that it wasn't meant for us to take advantage of.

We waddled back, we were so stuffed.

Hi Henry. Thank you for sharing this story. 50 hotdogs! Hopefully you waited the full suggested hour after eating before jumping back into the water!

Loved bowling there! They were one of the 1st places to get the Donkey Kong Video game. Went up there to play that game so many times. I often wonder why other investors don't startup another Place Like that!

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Hi Jerry, thanks for reading! Yes, several of the articles I located specifically referenced how special their video arcade was early on. There are a number of play places around town that have elements of what Celebrity had, but I think it's hard to recreate exactly!

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Mannnn them were the dayzzzz!!! Me n my old school homies would walk from where we grew up off 9th n Lipan down 9th past the perish, past West, through Sunkins, across south bound speer, n jump down to the cherry creek path all the way south to Colo. Blvd and in to Celebrity's we went!!! Them were my good old dayz... Tell my Grandchildren stories n showed em pics n they wish it was still there..

KIMN held splash parties once a week with live broadcasts in the 1960s, and I arrended one of them. I distinctly remember them playing the Beatles' "If I Fell," as the Beatles were becoming hugely popular. Also, when the movie " Summer Magic" came out, Disney had a promotional event at Celebrity Lanes, and many cast members appeared and spoke to a large gathered crowd: Hayley Mills and her parents, Annette Funicello (although she was not in the film), Deborah Walley, Eddie Hodges, among others. Memorable evening!

Hi Cindy, thanks for sharing your reminiscences! Researching this post, I found reference to the KIMN splash parties, and to some of the same famous guest visitors (if I recall correctly, Annette Funicello in particular). Glad the blog brought up good memories!

I hope this come back soon so all the kids can have fun like I used to go there when I was in teenager it was so much fun and I forgot how much it was so much fun when I got older and I do remember this. I was talking to my deaf friend and we were talking about this place and how forgot we went there so much fun. we surely missed this place but I don't remember about how bad in the locker room or any place but we just be there to have fun. that's all I can remember. I know it's 1950's to 1970's maybe 1980's those are the way they built nothing that we can do. but just fun we had. this is memory for kids. and now we have better tech in future safe for future kids. that was old fashion way and now we have better way to have safe.

I remember jumping from a very high divinging board. But when I looked at the pictures here they don't look that high? Hmm?

Hi Roxann,

The photos of diving boards here were the originals from the 1960s, but I believe there were different ones in the later years. Or it may be that everything seems bigger when we're younger!

Thanks for reading!

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