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Hi, I'm not noticing citations other than a reference to the 1887 Rocky Mountain News article. Where are the Cook quotations and Byers story coming from? Thanks.

Excellent question! Most of the story comes from our wonderful clipping files. The Byers story comes from an extensive article written for Colorado Magazine by LeRoy Hafen in March of 1936. His section on Byers references notes that Byers attached to the Diary of George A. Jackson housed at the State Historical Society. The Cook quotation comes from an article in Field and Farm published on January 1, 1888. Thanks so much for your interest in this history and not being afraid to ask questions. 


The drawing at the top says it's from The Rocky Mountain News 1977. The Wild West Magazine I have says it's from 1877. Who is correct? The belt loops makes me think you're correct.

Well, Dave, you get the super-sleuth award of the day. I hadn't even noticed the belt loops. I just checked our clipping file on Phil and that image is from page 8 of the Rocky Mountain News August 29, 1977. The image also credits Jack Shannon who was a RMN artist and served as Denver Press Club president in 1979. 


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