Albany Hotel Fire


I was confused by this about the "New Albany" because this says it was built in 1967. That wouldn't jibe with either the architectural style of the building or the photo here of the hotel in 1956. I read the Albany Hotel blog and found that it was actually built in 1938.

In the 1967, the "New Albany" was actually a renovation, not necessarily an expansion. The advertising literature of the times, when it was renovated, called it the "New Albany". Sorry about the confusion and I will update the blog.

Wow, this is a very interesting article. I've been looking for information on the Albany after finding a spoon/bottle opener from there rusted out in the desert years ago. Now I know the history of where it came from!

Wonderful Ginger! I'm glad you enjoyed the article. There is a lot of Denver history, to say the least, and it looks like you have a small memento of it.

The pic on the left under where it says Photo Gallery can be dated to 1956. It's misdated 1948-55. The older parked car, left foreground has a '56 license plate, and the newish bi-color car in the center is a '56 Hudson.

Hi Steven,
I'm seeing on the Photo Gallery page and on the photo of the cars, that the title is Albany Hotel, 1956. I don't see anything about 1948-55?

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