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I am looking for photos and stories of my great uncle Evan A. Facer from Malad Idaho
who was in the 87th infantry of the 10th Mt Division during WWII.

Please let me know if you have any info or suggestions on this brave man



I'm a 10th Descendant. My dad was 10th/87th/MTG/85th.

I'm wondering how I can get to archived films of the 10th from the early days at Lewis to the latter days at Garda.

Ideally, I'm looking for high quality/high res digitized copies of the original footage. Next best would be access to the original films.

There is a mish-mash of footage on various video sites such as Youtube. This is typically low quality (compressed/copied and compressed, and/or already edited, etc). I'm looking for full length original footage.

Any direction you might provide would be greatly appreciated.

My father was in the 10th also. Have you seen the film "Fire on the Mountain" Very good.

I'm looking for information on my cousin Robert Lyle MacWilliams; S/N 13201329.

Robert served with Company L, 87th Infantry Regiment of 10th Mountain Division during WWII.

He was nineteen years old when he was killed in action on 03-MAR-1945.

Robert is buried in the Florence American Cemetery in Italy.

I live near Edinburgh in Scotland and I hope that you can help me find out more about my American cousin.


Graham Lyle
Edinburgh, Scotland

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