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Thank you for this interesting vignette about a forgotten Colorado grifter who proved that get rich quick schemes have fooled some people in every generation (including, in this instance, an industrialist and an optometrist). One modest correction: the two illustrations reproduced from the "Empire Magazine" came from the Denver Post, not the Rocky Mountain News.


Good summary. Let me note that Newton and GeBauer were each sentenced to no jail time, 5 years probation, and ordered to pay court costs and restitution (Post 6/14/1954 p.3; News 6/15/1954 p.10) If you want to understand the case, and get the real facts (that differ from those in any of the books on the subject), all the facts are in the daily coverage in the Post and News, on microfilm in the Denver main library.

You admonish me to do my research, but how much research have you done? Let me guess: you read Scully's Behind the Flying Saucers and Ramsey, Ramsey, and Thayer's The Aztec UFO Incident, but you have made no effort to do any fact checking on either book. At the very least, you might - as I suggested above - read the daily coverage in the News and the Post for another point of view on Silas Newton's trial.
I have dealt at length with just a few falsehoods by and about Silas Newton elsewhere, backed up with citations:
I invite you to "do your research" to come up with your own citations to disprove any of my statements.
There are so many nonsensical statements in Scully's Behind the Flying Saucers that it would take nearly another book to list them all, but let's take just one statement made by Newton in his DU lecture, and repeated numerous times by Scully in Behind the Flying Saucers (pages 28, 138, 139, 156, and 177), that the intensity of the magnetic field is 1,257 lines of force per square centimeter. Have you done any research to verify this statement? Of course you haven't! Can you cite any science book to prove this statement of Newton's? Of course you can't, because it is nonsense. Newton made it up. He lied, and Scully was too gullible to question it. It should be very easy to prove me wrong. Just cite some textbook that there are 1,257 lines per square centimeter. - or anything even close. I don't think you can.

I'm not sure where to stand on this issue. I know that there are visionaries in life who can foresee futuristic events. Jules Verene, Leonardo Da Vinci. Galleleo etc. To assume that mankind is the only living thing in the ENTIRE universe is presumptuous. If we look around our own planet,
we can observe, Zillions of different life forms. Consider mankind, different races, plants millions of various species. In the animal world, how many different species? In marine life, how many? How about microbial? If we look into "The James Webb" pictures of galaxies. We see how minute and insignificant planet Earth is. And to boot! Science is discussing magnetic energy waves throughout the cosmos. Are Scully and Newton con men or visionaries? The science speaks for itself. We are ONE PEOPLE, on ONE PLANET, here to embrace one another as we become an interplanetary species. With Love to ALL the people on OUR planet.

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