The Italian Murders - A Ghostly Postscript


Thanks this was a great piece. We appreciate your research and writing.

Thanks for reading our content. I'm just lucky to be immersed in such amazing resources.


So interesting - and chilling! Thank you for this piece of history!

Thanks and keep checking back. We have more spooky stories coming to the blog this month. 

I appreciate your work on the murders and the aftermath. I will add your new information to my upcoming book Urban Pioneers which details the evolution of immigrant communities in North Denver/Highland/the Northside and in Globeville. My time frame is 1858-the present.
I especially appreciate the pictures of Arrata and Allesandri.

Excellent! Feel free to look me up on the 5th floor sometime. I'm sure we have a ton of great materials that would fit with your book. 

Hi Rebecca:
When do you think your book will be available for purchase? My maternal Grandmother’s Family (Ciancio) played a role in Welby, Swansea, Globeville, and Adams County.

Hi, I came across this article while compiling information for a series in development. I myself am a direct descendant of the Lake County Nachtrieb Family. I thought I would add to your narrative regarding the obscure Julia Murray. I don't know much about her, however, it was reported at the time, she committed suicide by hanging in which her neck was found "not" broken. She had used a bed cord and died of asphyxiation. It was said she was in jail for several months for passing a counterfeit $20 bill. She suffered from syphilis and was being treated in jail. It is suspected she ended her life to end her suffering from the disease. Cheers

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What a great reminder of the gift that is penicillin. It would not surprise me if the coroner was incorrect. Horan was, after all, a mortician rather than a modern forensic pathologist. Feel free to contact me about your series. I'd love to hear more about it and your research.

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