George Bent (1843 - 1918)

Cheyenne-American interpreter and historian who often found himself caught between his mother's Cheyenne world and his father's white American world. 

Cheyenne and the Bents were a great people.

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George Bent was a Great person fighter and interpreter.

I am half a world away, in northern New South Wales, Australia, and I found this page during research for a novel. Thank you for the information herein; it has been helpful to me.

George Bent must have been a fascinating character. I would have liked to sit and talk with him, to listen to his experiences. To be caught between two worlds as he was must be a very difficult thing.

This article is full of errors. It even has the date of the Sand Creek massacre wrong.

Thank you for noticing the incorrect date. We have done some fact-checking and have added some clarifying details.I believe the date was likely a typo. Thank you for catching that for us.

cool :)


thank you for the article and resources, the family goes back to 1638 sudbury N.E.
lots of interesting people

I have George Bents letters he writes about the time he was little around 1839-1913.

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