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This is so great! What is a "ball alley?"

Great question! Apparently, it is an outdated term for bowling alley. I found this nice image that depicts early british skittles, which is probably close to what it looked like in the mid 19th century.

They even had a parking problem back then!

Very true, but parking fines were so much lower.

Great job! Thanks for the tour of my early hometown.

Thanks, Tom! It was our pleasure to stumble upon this.

There was a Ferry St.? Does that imply that there was a ferry service in Denver at that time?

The 1859 map shows a bridge was constructed at Ferry and Cherry Creek, so I can imagine there may have been a small barge to hop back and forth there for a short period. Unfortunately, I have never seen mention of it.

Great walking tour.

Lest we forget the town was founded by William Greeneberry Russell and party of fellow settlers from Georgia on October 3, 1858, over a month before William Larimer platted the future "Denver City" across Cherry Creek. The town was named for the gold mining settlement of Auraria, Georgia.

Great comment. I see you've read your history.

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