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I am in the process of moving to the Berkeley neighborhood after living in for many years in Evanston, IL and, quite excited about this change, have been wanting to know more about Denver - including the origin of the city's name. What fun to discover your lively story on the DPL website. Thank you for this enlightenment!

Hi Heidi - Glad you enjoyed the article and welcome to Denver!

We love these DEN history write-ups, great job. Is there any truth that Denver resigned as Territorial Governor due to a corruption charge?

Thanks for the kind words, Matt. In researching this article I didn't find any mention of this event. It's my understanding that he resigned in order to take the position as Commissioner of Indian Affairs. That said, I didn't find much research that was in any way critical of Denver, and that left me wondering if there wasn't more to his story that hadn't been sussed out by historians...yet.

Are all 22 of the Denver's named for the same James Denver? Great artcle

Hi Bill - Thanks for a very interesting question. We researched this a bit and found more of the other Denvers were actually names after the city of Denver, rather than the man.  Given how disappointed he was at not getting as much attention as he wanted in Denver, Colorado, it's probably better he didn't know about the other Denvers. 

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