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See Facebook page Denver's La Raza Park Legacy project. I am available for interview. I was organizer of pool protest 6 - 1970. Arturo

Arturo, I have removed your personal information for the sake of privacy, but I would suggest contacting local media to see if they would be able to cover your story. It sounds like you have a wonderful and important story to tell.

I think it should be named Navajo Park. Columbus/Italians and Hispanics hurt Native Americans for no reason but their own selfishness, greed, overpopulation, excessive family size, and egotism.

Exactly the kind of selfishness, greed, and egotism that leads to a City Councilwoman spending her time on a claim that the park should be called La Raza.

I will be searching for and supporting candidates who defeat Ms Sandoval in the election. What a disappointment and betrayal of the time, money, and other resources of our district.

I appreciate your interest in the subject, though I don't think it is quite accurate to suggest that Italians and Latinos were the only ones to hurt Native Americans.


Could you name it Whitey's park. Or Pollock's rule park. LaRaza. The RACE

While the literal translation is "the race", the actual meaning is "the people." Like with so many attempts to translate languages that one is unfamiliar with, simple, literal translations often end up with a poor understanding of meaning. If you are interested in the subject, there is an excellent Atlantic article on the history of this particular term.

Our heritage and ancestry has been limited in the teaching of history....time for many to grasp reality....La Raza Park is part of the longstanding heartbeat of our seen with the recent election...we do have a voice and ate not afraid to use it.....

Should say "are not afraid to use it"

Thanks so much for reading and appreciating the rich history of Denver.

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