The Untold Story Behind Colorado's Iconic State Flag


I noticed the author uses "Coloradoans," which is how I always used it (3rd generation native) but I not long ago read an article that convinced me the proper term is "Coloradan," in part based upon the fact that someone from Mexico is not called a "Mexicoan." Thoughts?

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While I do agree, It's improper English to capitalize every letter in a sentence.

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I'm firmly in the "Coloradan" camp as well. Also 3rd Generation native (I think).

When I hear "Coloradoan", I usually think that the speaker is from out of state.

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I am a 67 yr old native of Colorado. It has always been Coloradoan. Others not from Colorado ( also refer to as outsiders) have always had their slang to shorten it to Coloradan. The outsiders were typically from Texas, Kansas and Nebraska.

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I just stumbled on this article here in 2021, but I noticed the "Coloradoan" part too and it made me smile. As far as I know, "Coloradan" started being used in the late 90's or thereabouts and I had been told it was something that started from non-natives and was weirdly adopted as the norm. I hate it, personally. I grew up in a town with a newspaper called "The Coloradoan". It's what we are. And as a native, I've never used the term "Coloradan" as it just sounds lazy to me. Those are my thoughts, and while I know there aren't many of us natives left in the state (me included, I've moved but miss my home every day), I wish we could somehow go back to using the term "Coloradoan".

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Right on! Coloradoan forever! I was born in Leadville. Coloradan is a modern affection of stupidity.

The only proper use of "Coloradoan" is when referring to the name of the Fort Collins newspaper.

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Yes! This is the proper use as a native of Colorado. I am a Coloradoan!

DAR is and has always been active in helping to preserve our entire countries history and in helping veterans whenever possible. It is a great organization to be a member of. As for the use of the word "Coloradoan", I have always referred to myself and others who live in the state as "Coloradians" when speaking in plural tense of people that live here and "Coloradan" when referring to people in the singular tense. I may be wrong using term "Coloradians", but I have lived here long enough to know true "Coloradians" referr to themselves as such..

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