Ethiopians in Colorado



This is wonderful! The photographs are beautiful. Thank you for the great history of the Ethiopian diaspora and their contributions to our community.


"Ethiopian" was used as a term in the mid-19th century for minstrel show performers. Before that, in Europe, it was a term for anyone from the Sub-Saharan region in Africa. It seems it's taken quite a while for the term to be properly used.

Another prominent Ethiopian in Denver was Daniel Yohannes, who became president of Colorado National Bank, then CEO of USBank's Colorado operation after it acquired Colorado National. He later was appointed by President Obama as CEO of the Millenium Challenge Corporation, a US foreign assistance organization.

Thanks so much for the information about the strange misusage of "Ethiopian". I should also tell you that we do have a few photos of Daniel Johannes in the Rocky Mountain News Collection from his time in Colorado. Hopefully, we can digitize them at some point, but we also welcome anyone interested in coming in to look at them. 

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