Is Buffalo Bill Cody Really Buried on Lookout Mountain?

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You can't trust anyone with"Jester" in their name.

A friend's mother watched the funeral procession and said that his horse - or perhaps "a" horse was part of the procession up Lookout Mountain.

One of my most favorite possessions is a family photo from 1918 of my 4 year old grandmother, my great-grandmother and my 2nd great-grandmother visiting Buffalo Bill's grave - having made the trek from Nebraska. I've studied my photo quite a bit and your old photo of the grave puts my photo into perspective. They were posed standing on the opposite side of the small brick wall in the background with their backs to the headstone which can be seen behind them. By 1920 my grandma and her parents had relocated to Denver. Perhaps to be nearer dear Buffalo Bill. HA!

What a wonderful story. It's great to hear the personal connections people have to the old scout. Lookout Mountain is a wonderful place and is always a fun spot to visit.

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Would you post the picture? Would love to see it. I remember back in the late 50s or early 60s that it had more trees around the site.

I am writing an article on Gauguin and Buffalo Bill in Paris in 1889. Can you tell me the location of the photograph of Buffalo Bill in 1889 you have reproduced here? Is it in the Denver Public Library? Thanks so much for your help!

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Hi Nancy,

The photo was taken in 1889 in Paris during Buffalo Bill's Wild West's second tour of Europe. The photo was given to Nate Salsbury's wife Rachel. Nate was the manager of the Wild West and this photo was taken from a collection of scrapbooks the Salsbury compiled during his time working with Buffalo Bill Cody.

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