Staff Spotlight: Stevie Gunter, Archivist Librarian


I really appreciate this blog article! Stevie, thank you for articulating your approach to archiving as a Black, gendervoid archivist. I am inspired by your vision of a future when users are empowered "to build their personal archives while also contributing to our collections, that can promote equity through skill sharing and expand opportunities for traditionally excluded narratives to be recorded in ways that are based in participation and consent."

I'm glad this is resonating with you! Our work as archivists should involve more participation, transformation, and less barriers to the practice. Most of us are already part of this work in ways we don't often legitimize!

I enjoyed reading this so much. You write so beautifully and I so appreciated learning more about you and how "Denver's history is Black history." Thank you!

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Thank you for your comment! I hope you continue to dig into what our archives have to offer in enhancing your perspective of this amazing city (and region!).

Awesome blog! You provided so much to savor about BCL’s archive collections and the people they represent, as well their respective impact on Black life in Colorado. Additionally, thank you for your honesty and forthrightness about who you are. Yes, to your vision of finding new ways to seek community outreach and engagement through technologies. BCL/WHG are lucky in many ways to have you on board our collective teams. Full steam ahead!

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Thank you so much Annie!

I so appreciate the skill and perspective you bring to your work on the Lincoln Hills and Arie Taylor collections, and in your daily practice and approach to working with people's histories.  It is wonderful to work with you. I look forward to all that our special collections team at DPL will accomplish! 

Great job Stevie! Thank you for sharing this work with us! Keep up the great work!!

Reimagining the archival process as a collaboration between individuals, communities, and institutions is a brilliant vision of the way forward. Thank you, Stevie, for beautifully writing your experiences, insights, and future hopes.

This is brilliant! I'm so glad that this grant exists to support you doing this important work--- and I hope that DPL can keep you around permanently if/when it ends. It's very true that we don't see much about the Black experience in Colorado's outdoor spaces. I think there's a lot of interesting work to be done here.

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