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i distinctly remember Robert Kennedy paying a private visit to Beulah Colorado, SW of Pueblo. there was congressman, Frank Evans, who I think had a fairly modest summer house there , on South Pine Drive, I believe. Everyone in Beulah knew he was there visiting, but i don't think any of us saw him or bothered him. maybe 1966 or 67

Very cool, Stephani! Thanks for sharing that bit of history!

I never heard that, thank you and it makes sense, we have "mystry photos" of where they werevtaken but i always felt they were in Beulah.

My parents never bragged, not even to their kids... Peter, Francis, Susan, or Charles (Chaz)

I remember seeing RFK during a campaign stop in Colorado Springs during March, 1968. He rode in an open convertible down Platte Ave and I watched from the General Palmer statue at the intersection of Nevada Ave. I had watched his brother from the same spot 5 years earlier. I remember being struck by his image and shock of reddish hair.

I was at the airport in Cheyenne when they touched down. We scrambled to the Frontier Park to hear him speak to the crowd, before boarding the plane to other campaign stops.

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