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I was also at the Jethro Tull concert as one of the gate crashers.There were four or five of us I believe. Some of us had tickets and some of us did not. We went to the gate to allow the ticket holders to get in and to see if the rest of us could score tickets and were told that no one else could enter whether they had tickets or not. We then took my 4 wheel drive Bronco up to the top of the next mountain over and proceeded down the hill towards the concert. We felt like we were the only ones doing this until the helicopters came and dropped the teargas. Groups of people exploded out of the bushes each time.this happened. We reached a small stream at the bottom of the ravine and soaked our shirts with water. covered our faces, and proceeded up the other side to the concert. Fires were burning and Chaos was everywhere but it ended up being one of the most memorable concerts ever!

I was in this mess the day before my 17th birthday! The teargas was outrageous! My friend Dellene was arrested because her BF Mitch handed her the pot to hold. The rest of us hitch hiked back to Aurora to my home (where my my mom was drunk/oblivious) and dropped acid to celebrate my Bday. I am now 68 years old, and proud to have created tales to curl my grandkid's hair... if I'd only had kids first!

Hi Sonni - Thanks for reading and for sharing your first-hand experiences on that fateful day - we love hearing them! 

I heard about the Tull riot at school. I went to my first concert in Oct '72. I was 14 & 1 month yrs old. Grand Funk Railroad at The Denver Colosseum. We used to skip school on occasion & go to Red Rocks from Aurora to hang out, smoke a joint, drink some beers. Even tripped on some acid up there once. Used to climb up on top of the big rock left of the stage, (there is a big staircase carved in the rock up there). I went active duty in the Army on 1/6/'76. Saw Tull at the Colosseum for their Passion Play tour, (for 4 bucks). Great show that was. Now ticket prices have gone crazy. Tull came back to Red Rocks a few years ago. Tickets were $90.00. Holy crap! lol I did not go. Sooo... I have never seen a show at RR. : )

I was 20 and visiting friends in Denver in August,1972. They had tickets to that Joan Baez Red Rocks show that week and insisted I must go and see Red Rocks. So I did. Baez stopped at one point in her show and said "I'm told there's an amazing Moon Rise behind me" which she could not see, of course, due to the bandschell. In that moment I made the decision to move to Colorado, from Wisconsin, and I've been here ever since. NO REGRETS!!

Definitely a good decision, John!


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