High-Flying Duo: The Louis Paul & Hazel Quinn Papers


I have them in my collection at work. I will be writing a paper on this for publication. You can see one of the pictures at the Geological Society of America conference this month in Denver. I have an abstract under my name and Connie Gibb talking about the dam.


I was fortunate enough to meet Hazel in 1970 or so.
Hours of the best stories and she made the best Beef Stroganoff!
An inspirational Lady.


My Dad was stationed at the CCC camp in Montrose in the late 1930's and possibly into the early 1940's. He had a few photos of a tri-motor that had engine trouble and he had helped the pilot with repairs. For his effort, the pilot took him along for a test ride. The plane in the photos is the Rocky Mountain Clipper, with tail number NC418H. I was excited to find the history of the plane and its owners documented on your website.

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