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Lousy hippies.

Really? Lousy hippies is the best you can come up with?
I was opposed to the Vietnam war, I was also opposed to every war, because it settles nothing except who has the biggest gun, or the most guns, at any particular moment.

I went to the home of Crusade for Justice on Christmas Eve in 1968 for a rally for peace, a couple of years later I got my conscientious objector status.

If there was only one issue - and it was the war - the "hippies" got it right. It was an ill advised and unjust war - kind of like Iraq. Things haven't changed much have they?

i.c a jerk

Great blog, Katie!

Thanks, C Root! 

Thanks for sharing the text of Gonzales' speech. It's insightful, powerful, and to me, a perspective that still applies to conflict in the world today.

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Wow - very well done Katie!! That's an amazing story with great resources to boot!!

Thanks, Frank!


Great post, Katie!


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