Mass murder in the sky: John Gilbert Graham and United Flight 629

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You may want to correct this article. The aircraft that was blown up was a DC-6B, a four engine, propeller-driven aircraft. Not a DC-9 as the article states. The DC-9, a twin-engine, jet-propelled aircraft, didn't fly until 1965.

The date was November 1st, 1955, not November 2nd. The plane was flying to Portland and Seattle, not Anchorage. Daisy King was going to Anchorage, but she would change planes in Seattle.


I was a college student in the area at the time. Some of my friends went to see the wreckage the night it happened and regretted having gone to the scene. The story took up the front pages of the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News for months. I will never forget the headline in the Rocky Mountain News the day after Graham was executed. It took up the entire front page with three-inch letters saying:


My dad Lee Hall was the pilot it wasn’t his night to fly a Pilot’s friend daughter was sick so my dad took his flight my mom went to the trial and sat only feet away from John I was only four years later my brother was killed by a drunk driver and dragged down
the freeway my mom was the strongest person I’ve ever known she would say to me Susie with JESUS you can do anything

AMEN! I totally agree with your Mom. Losing your spouse of many years is absolutely devastating. “I can do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”. Losing your child is not supposed to be the order of things. I remember when my brother was murdered at age 36 (with a wife and 2 young sons.) I can still hear my Dad crying that this is not the order of things & children should bury their parents, not parents bury their children. I was remembering my birth father’s cries while my TRUE Father in Heaven steadied me when my baby girl went home to JESUS. ( 24 yrs. old) Your Mom knows, just as I do, that we will be reunited again. Praise Jesus! Glory Be To God! 😇🙏🏼


Brian,enjoyed this article, great work!BTW,are you related to Dick Trembath,an Omaha reporter who covered the Starkweather crime spree a few years after Graham's cowardly bombing of the UAL flight?

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