Lost Issues of the African American Newspaper The Denver Star Find Home at Denver Public Library

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This is great news! I love to read The Denver Star! . Essential reading for any Denver historian. Thank Ms. Ross for saving and Dr. Dawson for donating them.


Wonderful. DPL,CHNC, and all others involved deserve a diamond-studded, platinum award for doing this.


Thanks to Dr. Dawson and Mrs. Ross for this important gift. Citizens of Denver are fortunate to have, in the DPL, an institution with the vision to recognize important treasures and the grit to find the resources to make them available to the public.


So very pleased reading this important and spectacularly beautiful article, that includes the ICON of the late award winning - pioneer in Journalism The Miss Marie Ross, who was a BARRIER BREAKER not just in journalism, but public relations. Gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Nancy Dawson for selecting the legacy highlights of such an important asset whose tactics and strategies are still being used and or/ tried by those she trained and inspired through 'Aspirational Visionary Excellence".
Marvin S. Robinson II
QUINDARO RUINS / Underground Railroad- Exercise 2023

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