What's the Meaning of The Feast of Seven Fishes?

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Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing this information. I had heard of the feast, but had no other info, so this was fun.


So nice to see this! My family is originally from the Bronx and I spoke with my uncle about the tradition. Since we are land-locked, my family no longer has access to amazing fish markets, but my uncle said that on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx a key type of fish included in the feast was conchiglia, which we can't even find here in Colorado. We still have king crab and shrimp, a feast of two fishes :)


I can't believe the picture!! I was in this man's small market as a young man. His name was Otti Cerrone, but I'm sure I don't have the correct spelling. He took care of my grandparents and their family, and some of my best memories of my younger days were in his market. THANK YOU for publishing this! My family always has smelts on Christmas Eve for our fish portion, a tradition that I hope will continue as long as I am living!

Hi Mike. Glad that picture brought back some happy memories. Those smelts make for good eating, though it's always a good idea to pop open a few windows before dropping them in the oil. Thanks for sharing your memories with us and have a happy new year!


Mike is our son - - his father is Al Markano - - Al and I have been married 65 years, and have many good memories of Otte (sp?) and Millie, his wife. Took our three children in almost every weekend, for sausage, pepperoni, etc. Great picture - thanks for the memories !!

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