New in WHG: 1938 Redlining Map of Denver



any chance it will be digitized soon? your illustrative snapshot is a tease because it omits the neighborhoods i know best — even another snapshot or two would be cool

We hope to digitize it sometime soon. Is there a neighborhood you are particularly interested in that I could check on for you?


thanks — most interested in both sides of Broadway south of 6th Ave. — Baker & Speer, but may not have been so-named in 1938

You will want to view Report 9 for the following areas, which correlate to today's Baker and Speer neighborhoods:

For Baker: C10 (grade 3), D6 (grade 4)

For Speer: C10 (grade 3), C11 (grade 3), B7 (grade 2)

Hi Heather,

DPL's Western History and Genealogy Department does not have redlining information pertaining to Colorado Springs/El Paso County. I would recommend contacting the Pikes Peak Library District's Special Collections and the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, both in Colorado Springs. You may also wish to contact the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), asking if they have redlining maps pertaining to Colorado Springs in the following collection:

Record Group 195: Records of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, 1933 - 1989 

Series: City Survey Files, 1935 - 1940

National Archives Identifier 720357

Hope this helps!



Katie--Hope all is well.

Hey, I'd like to chat with you about this topic when you get a chance. No hurry.

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Hi Katie. Thanks for this resource. Do you have suggestions about how to find the area report documents for specific areas of Denver? There's some interesting information in there. Thanks!

Hi LS,

You'll want to check out the Mapping Inequality project online, which has some of the area descriptions transcribed and scanned:

Additionally, the Western History and Genealogy department has copies of the accompanying reports, which can be viewed here in the department.




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